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The relevance of content marketing has begun permeating the oil and gas industry – and Hart Energy is on the forefront of bringing content marketing solutions to our clients.

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Content marketing is not a short-term solution, it’s a long-term commitment

Whether in print, online, via social media or at live events, Hart Energy IndustryVoice® enables customers to create and place relevant content in our media channels. Our quickly evolving program can be adapted and scaled to meet your budgets and specifc goals.

Digital channels. Reach your audience wherever they search for content.

Print channels. Reach your audience wherever they search for content.

Live events. Reach your audience wherever they search for content.

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Digital Channels

Reach your audience online

Put your content in front of thousands of qualified prospects with our websites, social media channels, e-newsletters, video programs, publication apps, webinars and white papers.

Print Channels

Reach your audience in print

Extend the reach of your brand by placing sponsored content in prominent locations across our print magazines and targeted supplements. Packages include magazine cover presence.

Live Events

Reach your audience at our live events

Get in front of your prospects at our conferences and breakfasts. From our acclaimed DUG series to our leading financial events, we have opportunities to put your thought leaders in front of qualified attendees with our new Technology Showcases, booth packages and other options.